Fallen fencing in front of the Olympic Stadium in Athens

Greece’s athletics federation (Segas) has suspended domestic events because of severe spending cuts in the country.

The governing board of Segas has stopped all track and field activity until cuts to funding are reviewed by the country’s government.

The suspension will not affect Greece’s representation in this summer’s Olympic Games in London or the Olympic flame lighting ceremony in Ancient Olympia.

Greece has faced the threat of bankruptcy since 2009.

In a statement the federation said it had decided to suspend events “until the decisions of the unfair and selective cuts” are reviewed by the government.

On Tuesday, Segas president Vassilis Secastis said coaching staff and suppliers had not been paid for months because of funding reductions.

All competition is now suspended until funding cuts are reconsidered including a meet planned for 12 May.

Although the suspension does not currently affect international competitions, the federation could toughen its stance if the government fails to respond.

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