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Two-time Formula 1 champion Fernando Alonso says he has no concerns about being able to cope with an unprecedentedly busy racing program in 2018.

Alongside F1’s longest ever season of 21 races, Alonso will contest the five races on the 2018 World Endurance Championship, including the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Asked if at the age of 36 it might be too much, Alonso laughed to the Spanish Marca sports newspaper: “No, I’m not gray yet.

“Seriously, I’m physically well. Ok, 10 years ago facing a challenge like this would have been very difficult or even impossible or a mistake. But now I am 100 percent sure I can face it. With the way I know Formula 1, other categories like the Indy 500, even the way I need to travel, I’m ready now. That’s why a program like this has never been done. It’s almost impossible.

“Only at certain moments of your sports career, such as where I am now, can it be done, and then not everyone can do it.”

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